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ExtraCurricular Activities IY4 /2nd Grade-IY7/ 5th Grade

Dear Parents,

Your child has brought home the programme for after school activities for students from IY4/2nd Grade-IY7/5th Grade.

Clubs will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 1540-1645, starting on Tuesday 6th September until Thursday 10th November. 

Please assist your child to complete the application form and RETURN TO THE BC OFFICE BY WEDNESDAY 31ST AUGUST.  Applications received after this date will not be considered.  Please note places are allocated on a first come basis.  We make every effort to offer students their first or second choice but in very popular clubs this is not always possible. You will be notified by letter informing you which club(s) your child has been allocated.



For all students living in The Netherlands, 4 activity buses are provided covering the necessary routes to take the students home. The buses will leave promptly at 17:00 hours from the school bus park.

The routes/arrival times may differ slightly as times are dependent on the participating students.  The most appropriate routes will be followed to drop children at their regular stops. Some of these routes are long.

There is no route to Köningsbosch or Maastricht, however students from Maastricht will be taken to Valkenburg station.

For Canadian students living in Germany, there will be a Bus available at 17:00 hours.

For Students travelling to Geilenkirchen there will be one bus available, which will leave the school at 1700 and arrive at the CDC (GK) between 1720-1730, depending on which gate is open.. Please note there is limited space available on this bus and therefore only the first 45 applications will be eligible to ride the bus. Should this not be possible for your child to ride the bus they may still participate in the activities but it will be your responsibility to collect your child from school.

Only students who have registered for an after school club bus will be allowed to ride the bus.

Parent pick up

You may find it more convenient to collect your child at the school after the activity. If so, please collect your child at 1645.  Please note there is no supervision available after 17:00 hours.


Kind regards, Sally Forrest

Teacher in charge of EC Programme



TUESDAY CLUBS 1540-1645 ELIGIBLE AGE 1st Choice 2nd


Drama IY5-7/G3-5    
Scratch IY5-7/G3-5    
Soccer (must have own ball) IY4-5/G2-3    
Winter Holidays Arts and Crafts IY4-5/G2-3    
Cross Stitch IY5-7/G3-5    
Badminton IY5-7/G3-5    
Art IY4-5/G2-3    
Art IY6-7/G4-5    
Puzzles/Games IY4-7/G2-5    
Scrabble IY6-7/G4-5    
Drama and Dance IY5-7/G3-5    
Cooking IY6-7/G4-5    
Orffestra (this club runs all year-buses only available until November 10th) IY6-7/G4-5    


THURSDAY CLUBS 1540-1645 ELIGIBLE AGE 1st Choice 2nd


Volleyball IY4-7/G2-5    
Journalism (reporting the latest school news, using I Pads to photograph, interview and write reports and news stories on other clubs and activities) IY6-7/G4-5    
Hobby/Craft IY4/G2    
Strategic games IY4-7/G2-5    
Cheerleading IY5-7/G3-5    
Building(explore building materials and use your creative design ideas to create a variety of structures) IY4-5/G2-3    
Robotics (not available for children who were in this club last year, preference given to IY7/G5) IY6-7/G4-5    
Girls on the Run (www.girlsontherun.org) IY4-7/G2-5    
Soccer (must have own ball) IY6-7/G4-5    
Band (This club runs all year- buses only available until Nov 10th ) IY6-7/G4-5