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Since 1981 the Partner Language Programme has been teaching English to German speaking students and German to English speaking students within our school.

The primary objective is to develop a positive attitude towards and instill an understanding for the Partner Languages within our school.

This objective is reached through a communicative language programme that follows a structure of thematic core topics which recur at regular intervals.

Linguistic structures and approriate vocabulary will overlap in a rising spiral as they are constantly encountered and reinforced throughout the different year levels. With no specific time line set, the programme guarantees foreign language growth for every child entering at any time during the school year.


We offer:

  • German as a second language to English speaking children.
  • English as a second language to German speaking children.
  • The GSL and ESL programmes are concentrating on the conversational aspects of the languages through a thematic approach at all levels thus ensuring a broad variety of language used in daily life.

  • The PL team will be present during the Open House evenings with an information stand.
  • The PL team now has a class room which enables the teachers to instruct more in depth language acquisition.
  • The PL team works with vocabulary books for the children IY 4 and up. This booklet will remain with the child while at Afnorth. Parents will be able to see the growth in vocabulary aquisition.
  • The PL team sends the children’s work home twice per year so the parents can have a look. The “folders”include workbooks and the vocabulary books.
  • The PL team works with certificates showing which themes have been covered in the classes . On the back of the certificates one can see some basic language  aquisitions related to the theme.

  • The PL team organizes, together with the German community, an annual Saint Martin celebration. This cultural event takes place around 11 November. The children prepare for this celebration in class using vocabulary and sentence structures tied in with stories, songs and art activities.
  • The PL team organizes, together with the German elementary department, an “in-house”exchange programme. The English speaking classes will meet the German speaking classes and participate in all sorts of language activities.

The  PL team is looking for volunteers to help with the St. Martin lanterns, and other activities. Interested? Please contact us (045-5278223)!