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8 February 2019

Last Friday 1st, we can looking back at a fantastic “International Collaboration Day” . Lots of reading material can be accessed on the following website called: no2plastic. Curious? Click on the image to have a look:

ELEMENTARY International Student Collaboration Day

International Student Collaboration Day.
Aim of the day: To collaborate and work together to create a greater sense of ‘Environmental Responsibility’ at
AIS, leading to changes in individual and collective attitudes and behaviours of AIS students and staff.


The Blowfish, The Heavy Metal Marine Biologist

Sarah Mooney, Story Teller, Speaker on Friday February 1st

Commotion in the Ocean was written after Sarah took part in an expedition, sailing across the Atlantic from Africa to South America and seeing first-hand the impact of plastic pollution.

PROF. ANDREAS FATH, a swimmer and a scientist – Speaker on Friday February 1st

International Collaboration Day – February 1st, 2019

Bus Information and Kleine Brogel


Christmas Lunch 2018

Please do not forget to purchase a Christmas Lunch Ticket, which is on the 19th of December.  No regular lunches will be sold.  Otherwise bring your own pack lunch.

Do NOT hole punch StudentID/Bus Pass OR Lunch Cards

Sodexo Lunch Cards

14 August 2018

International professional learning day 2018

Thursday 10 May 2018

AFNORTH International School’s guest speakers Mr. Jonathan Taylor MCs, and Dr. Neil Hawkes and his wife Jane Hawkes  were invited to talk to our teaching staff about International Cyber Awareness ‘BESAFEONLINE’  and Values Based Education.

Mr. John Taylor MSc, Be Safe Online

Dr. Neil Hawkes and his wife Jane Hawkes – Values Based Education

Teaching Comes Straight from the Heart

Online Safety: BeSafe

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Thank you to all parents who attended Cyber-Bullying- Safe behaviours on line workshops with Jonathan Taylor. Workshops with students continue today. Please find the handout information for parents.

“Best Practice”


Top 10 iPhone Parental Monitoring Apps

International Collaboration

Friday 2 February 2018

Update Government Shutdown 23 January 2018

The US Government is back open and funded with a Continuing Resolution through February 8. This extension allows previously curtailed activities such as athletics and student extracurricular activities to resume effective immediately.

Full Evacuation Exercise Update

nice sunny day
Dear Parents,
In co-operation with JFC HQ Brunssum, we held a successful bi annual full evacuation from school to the HQ Site. We would like to thank everyone involved and who supported. The children/students undertook this evacuation exceedingly well. We also activated a test message through ENS, the Emergency Nofitication System. If you have signed up for this notification system and did not receive the message or had any problem please contact Erie: erie@afnorth-is.com

20 September 2017

Good day,

We have great news to share with AIS parents: We have been informed that parents can now link foreign bank accounts to your child’s lunch card account.

We ask you to log on today to add money, so that all accounts are up to date.
If you have any problems please contact Sodexo at:

18 September 2017
A reminder of the Bus Guidelines for SY 2017/18 can be found at this link:

13 September 2017
AFNORTH International School – Bus Transportation Update

Dear Parents

As you are aware, at the beginning of the new school year we have been busy starting up the new bus contract with a much larger catchment area. We have appreciated your support and communication to help solve the early issues. However, we have been informed that a number of unexpected and multiple road construction activities are taking place or will take place on both sides of the border (Netherlands and Germany). The Directorate, together with the Bus Coordinator, are in the process of seeking information regarding these construction sites from the various local and provincial authorities so that we can plan accordingly. We are also in contact with the regional bus companies to find out what actions they will undertake and/or detours they will be creating as we may well want to use some of their detours. This is a time consuming activity especially trying to find the responsible authorities and contact person for these projects.

Please be aware that we are looking at all the routes and the options we have, given the local circumstances and the information we have been given to date. We will make every effort to keep you informed about developments, possible adjustments and/or changes to maintain the bus service to and from school.

In the meantime, please be informed that buses may be delayed because of the road constructions. It is standard procedure to remain at the bus stop for about 30 minutes as all buses will finish their stops. At the point that the bus coordinator is informed about a possible delay, a message will go out to all national offices in the school. If your bus is late you can call your national office to find out if a delay has been reported.

The Directorate

30 August 2017

Emergency Notification System

click on the picture to see more information

29 August 2017

Delays on several buses

Dear Parents

This morning several routes of our buses (13, 44 as well as buses travelling via the Highway A76) were confronted with unexpected obstructions. This resulted in delayed pickups for some of our families. Due to the timing of the information becoming known, it has been difficult to inform affected people of the delay.

We are currently looking at other options (other than messages via twitter/ web site/calling list). The Bus Coordinator’s office is checking the affected routes and the reasons for the delays this morning in case we need to modify routes.
Parents will be informed as soon as possible.

The procedure of the first two weeks of bussing is to look at how routes run, how many students actually get on and where and what possible problems may arise. Based on this feed back (bus company, monitors, parents etc.) bus routes might be slightly adjusted. Again everybody directly affected by this will be informed in time of these possible adjustments.

Following the two weeks the document ” AFNORTH International School Transportation Information” will be revised and made available and accessible for all to ensure consistency and the continued safety of our students.

Please Note:
Bus late arrival: Sometimes through breakdown or unexpected traffic delays, buses may arrive late at their pick up point. In most cases it takes some time to get the information to the Bus Coordinator. As a general rule, we advise students to stay at the bus stop for at least 30 minutes after the scheduled pick up time. A bus will always drive the route, but we cannot be certain how long it will take the contractor to respond.

In case we get confronted with a similar situation feel free to contact the Bus Coordinator at 045-5278228 or the Directorate at 045-5278221.

Mr. Robert Bindels
Assistant Director
AFNORTH International School
Ferd. Bolstraat 1
6445 EE Brunssum

24 August 2017
New Bus System:

With over 800 students to accommodate, we are pleased to report that the new transport system is up and running. There has been continuous fine-tuning throughout the week and this will continue as we are learning from the feedback from parents and the bus company. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding in working with us to make this improved system work.

Students in IY1, IY2, and Klasse 1 have been issued yellow bus passes. This indicates that these children must be met by a parent/sponsor/guardian at the bus stop on their way home.

Starting 28 August, students will have to show their bus pass before boarding.
This policy is in place for the children safety and security.

School LunchesMessage from Sodexo
We have had fantastic feedback from children and parents about the quality of our new school meals. It has come to our attention that your child may have been charged too much. This could only have happened with elementary students on Monday or Tuesday. If your child is in an elementary class: please check your account to see if you have been charged €3.20. If incorrect charge has been made please email directorate@afnorth.com stating name, grade, class teacher name and Sodexo card number. The overcharge will be deducted from your child’s next meal/payment.

Please note that the “meal deal” consists of a hot meal (2 choices daily), desert (fruit or yogurt) and a beverage. These items are marked with a blue sign stating that they are included in the meal deal. All other items will be charged as a la cart items at a separate cost. We ask that you speak to your children regarding the à la cart items and decide if your child will be allowed to purchase them or not. Meal deal prices are €3.20 for grades 5 and below and €3.70 for all other grades as well as adults. The cost of à la cart items can be found on our website.

The Directorate was made aware that people with a non Dutch bank account may encounter problems charging the Sodexo lunch card. After contacting the company, we have been informed that charging the Sodexo is currently not possible from an international/non Dutch bank account at the moment until they resolve some technical issues. As this is something the company has to fix, the temporary solution is to register the card as described in the letter you have received. The card will carry a negative credit until we are informed that they have resolved the matter. As soon as all bank connections are in place you will be requested to charge the card so that the negative credit will move into a credit position.

The company has asked us to pass on their apologies for any inconvenience.
Please rest assured the students will be able to choose from what promises to be an exciting and healthy menu for them to choose from.
Please find details of the menu for next week attached and enjoy discussing the options with your child.

Adam Smolonsky, former Student at AFCENT/AFNORTH International School