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AFNORTH International School Transportation Service

AFNORTH International School provides busing in a certain area within the Netherlands. If you don’t live in the Netherlands please get in contact with your national offices and ask about more information.

Note: Before registering for a Bus Route, you have to be registered at your National Section.

Click here to reserve space on Late Activity Bus (MS/HS only)

How to register for a bus pass

Students living in the Netherlands:

you will register with the Bus Office at AFNORTH International School.

The office is on your left side ground floor as you enter by the main entrance of the school.

This data is used not only for registration purposes but also in case of emergencies, such as breakdowns, accidents and/or incidents.

If you move your station/office, change your address or phone number, please notify your school registrar and the Bus Coordinator.

AFNORTH International School has a Bus Catchment Area within the Netherlands. It can be viewed in the Bus Office.

If you will live/move outside the Bus Catchment Area within the Netherlands,  you can either transport your child/children to school or make arrangements with the bus-coordinator to bring your child/children to the nearest approved bus stop.

Students Living in Germany or Belgium:

Students from the United States please contact the Student Triborder Transportation Office in Geilenkirchen in Germany.

Students from Canada please contact the School Transportation Office in Niederheid Germany.

For all other students living in Germany or Belgium and NOT from the United States or Canada, please contact the National Section, where you are registered.

Parent’s Information/Guidelines

If you have questions about the busing within the Netherlands please get in contact with our Bus coordinators:

Mr. John Burgers and Ms. Annie Burgers

(p): 0031 (0)45 527 8228 (landline)
(g): 0031 (0)6 224 334 08 (mobile)
(e): BusCoordinator@Afnorth-is.com

In Emergency cases please call our school’s security office: 0031 (0)45 527 8388