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Canadian Elementary Section

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Welcome to our new web site! Starting with a genuinely warm welcome to our multi-cultural environment, we work with each child to devise an individual learning programme tailored to their unique needs and goals. Our strong focus on student wellbeing, in a supportive environment, is complemented in the classroom by dynamic teaching practises. It’s this all-round approach that we believe leads to the academic and personal success that characterises our pupils.

As Anthony J. D’Angelo stated, “Without a sense of caring, there is no community”. Students have shared ways they are unique, how they belong and ways they contribute to the community. As we develop our classroom communities, grade group communities and larger community as a school, we all act in caring ways that builds a sense of belonging.

Our vision and values are:
We are a caring International community where everyone feels valued, safe and adopts an I can attitude all we do is underpinned by our citizenship and character education values which mean celebrate individuality achievements through mutual respect high aspirations. believe that each one of us has the ability to achieve highest potential dreams, a journey life-long learning.

  • Being fully inclusive and meeting the needs of children
  • Delivering the Ontario Curriculum  in creative, exciting and challenging ways
  • Ensuring high standards of achievement
  • Giving high priority to language , reading, writing, maths and computing
  • Challenging all children to achieve their full potential and preparing them to move to the next stage of their life and their education with confidence.

Parent Participation:

Through the generous commitment made by parent volunteers, our school programs are enriched and the achievement of our students is enhanced. Volunteers are always welcome.

Mme France Meunier