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Welcome to the Canadian Section!

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Students attending the Canadian section at  AFNORTH International Middle/High School work towards their Ontario High School Diploma in a strong academic setting that allows them to pursue their goals in an atmosphere of personal well-being and global citizenship.

In keeping with our mandate to integrate internationalism in their learning environment, our students study with young people from a variety of countries, pursuing credits offered by Canadian certified teachers. Currently, our students call more than twenty countries around the world home.  Curriculum in both the middle and high school is based upon the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada.  The Canadian high school section is accredited and inspected annually by the Ontario Ministry of Education and our high school students work towards an Ontario Diploma which prepares them for entry into Colleges and Universities in Canada and world-wide.

While the language of instruction in the Canadian section is predominantly English, we do offer First and Second Language French instruction so that students returning to Canada are able to maintain their French language skills.  English-as-a-second-language instruction is also available for students needing limited support.

Our students benefit from a strong extra-curricular program consisting of a wide variety of sports teams, clubs, and activities.  The relatively small school population enables all students to find something for each of them and participate wholeheartedly.  These offerings are enriched by a number of school outings and field-trips, both within The Netherlands and to other European countries.

We are very proud of the success and personal growth that our students achieve each year.

Janice Hughes