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Visit the Ontario Ministry of Education for all curriculum information (all possible courses for all grades):


View a brief description of courses offered in grades 9-12

Grade 9

Grade 10

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Grade 12

Student handbook




Please use this email address only to report absences, late issues, etc. Please include the student’s name (first and last), grade and the reason for the absence or late arrival. If your child will be absent for more than three consecutive school days, please download and complete a pre-planned absence form: Preplanned Absence Form

Bus Pass:

Please check with the bus office at the school to make sure your house is on the bus route.

At the beginning of the new school year, your student will be issued a student ID that doubles as a bus pass. Students in after school activities can scan their bus pass before 14:00 to sign up for the late bus.


Afnorth International School has a school lunch program. Students can purchase lunch on a per case basis, with a swipe card that is issued at the beginning of the school year. Funds can be added to the account via your regular banking system.

Checking in and out:

If your student arrives after the final bell (9:00 am) a parent/guardian must come to the office to sign in before he/she will receive a pass. If you will be signing your student out before final bell (3:30 pm) you must come to the office to sign him/her out.


If you would like to visit AFNORTH during school hours, please stop by the office and sign in to receive a visitor pass. Classroom visitors need prior permission from the principal.


AFNORTH International School offers DODEA sponsored sports (grades 9-12) , as follows:

Fall:  American football, tennis,  girls’ volleyball, cheerleading & cross-country

Winter:  Boys & girls basketball, wrestling,  cheerleading

Spring:  Boys baseball, girls softball, boys & girls soccer and track & field

Students wishing to participate, need to complete a physical, which will be valid for the entire year. (They can ride the activity bus home at 17:30, after daily practice.)  There is an additional charge for all fee-paying students to participate in the sports program. (excl. commercial students)

Useful documents: