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AFNORTH International School was founded in September 1967 and provides education for over 900 children of JFC HQ Brunssum, other NATO personnel serving in the Netherlands and families working in international companies in this region.


We offer education for children in the age of 4 up to 18 in English and German language. Affiliated is a “Deutscher Kindergarten” for children in the age of 3 up to 5.

English speaking children in the age of 3 to 11 can attend our US-elementary or British-Canadian elementary/primary classes. Our staff provides a broad and balanced curriculum and comes from all three English speaking nations. If your child speaks German or you want to offer them a German education you can enrol it in the “Deutsche Grundschule”. Our students, registered in the American, British, Canadian or German Section, come from over 20 nations.

For older English speaking students we offer a Canadian Ontario Middle/High School programme and a US Middle/High School programme. German speaking students have the possibilty to be taught in the German section.

For more information about our curricula please join our education pages.