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Friday, 2 Feb 2018

Students will be engaged in a range of collaborative activities in their usual curriculum time.  This may be getting involved in various workshops, visiting other classes, tasting different food, speaking in a different language than their own, or undertaking international math and science challenges and games. There will be a series of TEDx talks initiated and led by students from MS/HS. The purpose of these talks is to engage

 We do hope that the students will not only enjoy the day but also celebrate being true global citizens.

Each academic year, we set aside a time in busy schedules to celebrate together our internationalism. This year the day will be on Friday 2 February and we will be calling it “International Collaboration Day”.

Lip Sync Battle

 As an International School we strive to create an environment where all children feel valued and all children can learn. 

Thinking of other children across the world who are less fortunate is a central element of this day.