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Throughout the school year, students from the US, Canadian and German High School sections of this school get the opportunity to take part in a variety of government simulation programmes. The programmes give them the opportunity to take part in, and begin to understand how different international bodies operate. They also gain a valued insight into the problems which face these institutions, and the differing perspective which each nationality brings when trying to find a solution.

Each of the simulation programmes covers a different aspect of international co-operation, and as such, provides students with an opportunity to see how different organisations operate.

The Directorate of AFNORTH International School believes that continued support of these programmes by all parties involved is important. The rapid development of international communication and global dependence will place greater demands on international understanding. These programmes provide one platform for our students to begin to develop this understanding.

AFNORTH International School offers students to participate at

These programmes represent a very real opportunity for this school to fulfill its international role; German and English speaking students have to work together on the problems which will be debated.

The choice offered to them means that students who would like to take part in such programmes have several opportunities throughout the year. For those students who organise the Model European Parliament, which we host in the autumn, attendance at other simulation programmes gives them a base from which to work.