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What happend with our former students at AIS?  Read their testimonials.

Florian Chroscz, Sports Manager

Exactly ten years ago, in 2005, I left AIS with the german “Abitur”. Like so many other people at this school I visited a couple of schools within Germany and Europe, but AIS was some kind of special in a very positive way. Small classes with a good speed of learning, international spirit and good friends… that’s what I am thinking about AIS.

After having finished school, I studied sport management and now I am working for a pro ice hockey team in Cologne, Germany, the Kölner Haie (Cologne Sharks). My job is to organize the ice hockey games in the LANXESS arena with up to 18.500 spectators, to produce the show, videos and to plan, organize the personnel, and so on… Although it is a lot of stress, I love what I do. There are not much better feelings than having a big crowd in the arena and our team scores in overtime, so we head to the playoff finals, which happened in 2014. The emotions are indescribable. A couple of years ago we came back to the Canadian Section at AIS with former NHL players and it was a great experience and a good feeling to be back at school again. In addition, we gave every year free tickets to AIS, so everyone could see our games. It’s good to still have a connection with my last school I went to.

Looking back to that time, I am really thankful for the years at AIS. I learned positive and negative things for life and it was always interesting to see that international spirit. You only have to watch the news to see that life is (or at least should be) about tolerance and diversity. AIS is not only a normal school, it is a school for your life.

Beorn Nijenhuis, Athlete

AIS was a fascinating place.  The myriad countries, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds made for an enriching and surreal experience.  The jungle rules of high school still applied at AIS, just like any other school, however the competition for popularity was tempered by a tolerance for diversity.  That is how I was able to make meaningful friends there.

I was different.  My long white-blond hair and strange sport of speedskating were different. Yet, it didn’t stop me from finding my place.  Besides some teachers, no one knew I was a nationally ranked athlete and I told almost no one.  In the high school bubble of football and basketball, it would have meant nothing anyways.  At AIS I was able to reinvent myself and simply be me, and for that I am grateful. Sometimes the best preparation for success is a space where you can develop un-judged and unrecognised.


Michaëlle Pilote- Radio Host/Reporter – Québec, Canada

Michaëlle Pilote – former student at AIS / Canadian Section I can’t believe it was 8 years ago….I was leaving AIS, crying and heartbroken. I thought I was leaving everything I knew behind.

Little did I know, AIS had given me every tool I needed to succeed in life… Afnorth and the community around it have opened my mind and my heart to new and amazing things.

I am now 24 years old, living my dream. I wake up every morning a little before 4 am and I go to work to help wake up thousands of people. My radio show is on air from 5 to 9 and I have never felt like it was work. Just plain fun. (Yes, coffee is my BFF) My primary responsibility is to give news, weather, sports and traffic information but we also laugh, listen to music, and take calls from listeners.

I love what I do, and I do it with passion.

Alex Hartung – Musician

Alex Hartung – The Voice of Germany (YOUTUBE): YouTube – The Voice of Germany

Verrückt, vor 8 Jahren noch jede Pause auf dem Afnorth Schulhof am Fussball spielen und der große Traum Fussballprofi zu werden – heute auf der The Voice of Germany Bühne, als Musiker.

Ich fing vor drei Jahren mit Musik an, entwickelte eine Leidenschaft dafür, übte fleißig und schickte dieses Jahr meine Bewerbung für diese Musikshow ab, was daraus wurde ist einfach atemberaubend und mir fehlen noch immer die Worte. In der Blind Audition sind 4 Stühle prominenter Musiker umgedreht, nur anhand der Stimme entscheiden sie, ob sie das Talent in ihr Team holen wollen oder nicht. Ziel ist es also, dass sich mindestens ein Stuhl umdreht – als sich bei mir alle 4 umgedreht hatten, nachdem ich von meinem größten Vorbild Eminem den Song Lose yourself performte, war ich sprachlos.

Das Video hat bei youtube mittlerweile 1,7 Millionen Clicks und ich glaube nach wie vor, dass youtube da einen Zahlendreher hat 🙂

Nun geht die Reise also weiter, ALLE…wirklich alle sind super motiviert, das komplette Team hat Lust auf diese Show und meine “Kiste der Erfahrungen” wird immer voller =)

Wie gesagt, damals war Fussball mein Ein und Alles, die Zeit an der AIS, mit dem Schulteam und meinen Freunden war die beste Zeit meines Lebens, was ich niemals vergessen werde..

I cannot believe it, only 8 years ago I was playing soccer on the playground of AFNORTH International School, dreaming to become a soccer pro, and today: on stage of “The Voice of Germany”, as a MUSICIAN!

Three years ago I started singing, and it became a passion, practiced a lot and this year I have sent my application for this music event. What became of this audition is just amazing. In the “blind auditions” there are 4 chairs with great musicians, and just by hearing the voice of the participants, they decide wether or not they take me on their team or not. I was really surprised, when not only ONE chair but FOUR chairs of the musicians turned forward to me!

The Youtube video already reached 1.7 Million clicks. The journey continues and EVERYONE is super motivated, and I am getting more experienced in this every day! Like I said:  before soccer was my everything, the days at AIS, the school team and my friends,  it was the best time of my life, which I will never forget!