Stichting AFNORTH International School is a Dutch foundation having the following statutes: AFNORTH Statutes 8 May 2012 and its own policies and procedures:

Section 1: Governance

1010 Statement of Goals Policy
1020 Policy Development and Review Policy
1030 Board of Governors Policy
1030 Board of Governors Procedures
1040 Financial Advisors Policy
1040 Financial Advisors Procedures
1050 Director Policy
1050 Director Procedures
1060 National Section Heads Policy
1060 National Section Heads Procedures
1061 Internationalism at AFNORTH Policy
1070 Advisory Board Policy
1070 Advisory Board Procedures
1080 Legal Status Policy
1090 Partnerhship Policy

Section 2: Business & Finance

2010 Financial Management Policy
2010 Financial Management Procedures
2020 Tuition Fee Policy
2020 Tuition Fee Procedures
2030 International and National Budget Policy
2040 Liability Policy

Section 3: Security

3010 Facility Security Policy
3020 Emergency Situations Policy
3020 Emergency Situations Procedures
3030 Student Staff and Visitor Identification Policy

Section 4: Student Services

4010 Program Policy
4020 International Program Policy
4030 Admission Policy
4030 Admission Procedures
4040 Age at Enrolment Policy
4050 Student Study Trip Policy
4050 Student Study Trip Procedures
4060 Medical Services Policy
4065 Allergies Policy
4060 Medical Services Procedures
4070 Transportation Policy
4070.003 Transportation Procedures
4070.003 Appendix A-Transportation
4070.003 Appendix C Procedure Transportation Kleine Brogel 20190905.pdf
4070 Transportation Procedures
4080 Student Exchange Policy

Section 5: School Operations

5010 School Year Calendar Policy
5020 International Staff Handbook Policy
5030 Student Handbook Policy
5040 Food Services Policy
5050 Safety Policy
5060 Questioning of Students Policy
5070 Information Communication Technology Use Policy
5070 Information Communication Technology Use Procedures

Section 6: Human Resources

6010 Participating Nations’ Staffs
6020 Local Wage Rate Staff
6030 Staff Use of Social Media Policy
6030 Staff Use of Social Media Procedures
6040 staff participation Policy

Section 7: School – Community Relations

7010 Communications With Media Policy
7020 Fundraising in the School Policy
7030 School Visitor Policy
7030 School Visitor Procedures
7040 Advertising in the School Policy
7050 Display of Flags Policy
7050 Display of Flags Procedures

Section 8: Facilities & Equipment

8010 Maintenance Policy
8020 Ownership Policy
8030 Facility Accommodation Policy
8040 Insurance Policy. NOT AVAILABLE
8050 Use of Facility Policy
8050.001 Appendix A – Request for use of Facilities
8050.001 Appendix B Request to teach students/staff outside of school hours
8050.001 Appendix C – Use of Facility Fees
8050.002 Pro – Use of Facility
8060 Parking on Campus Policy
8060 Parking on Campus Procedures

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