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AFNORTH International School is a Dutch Foundation which is  sponsored by four nationalities: Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the Federal Republic of Germany. Responsibility for international administration is vested in a Director appointed by the Board of Governors.

Each of the national sections has its own Principal or Head Teacher who is responsible for his/her section to both the Director and to his/her national education authority. The Director and the principals are together responsible for fostering the international ethos of the school and for respecting the educational requirements of each nation.

This responsibility includes the mandate, as agreed by all four nations, to attempt insofar as possible to standardize instruction, develop common courses, promote language learning, and facilitate intercultural exchanges. The spirit of internationalism and cooperation amongst NATO partners is well represented in the educational setting where (not only) NATO children study and learn together.

Below you can see the structure of the school: