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A truly unique school

Inspiring Respect, Resilience and the ability to Think and Act Inclusively in our international environment

Mission and Values

AIS is a truly unique school that brings together a highly talented group of international staff who exemplify the pioneering spirit of internationalism and role model vital life skills of working collaboratively together to nurture all students in their care.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our students grow into sensitive, mature and confident young people who are prepared to explore the world without fear of failure and show respect for others.






Critical Thinking

A Sense of Belonging

The most important thing we can give our students is the sense of belonging within our unique international school community. We know that the future belongs to those who have a strong set of values, who instinctively think outside of the box, are curious and creative, and can implement intelligent and practical solutions. The future belongs to those who have learned to move within the globalised world confidently and effortlessly, who know their own culture and are open to others.
At AIS we embrace diversity, trust and integrity. We promote aspirational thinkers, reflective learners and responsible citizens. The culture of promoting and understanding our collective core values underpins everything that happens at AFNORTH . ‘Everyone’ is special; ‘Everyone’ can make a difference and ‘Everyone’ works together for collective success.

Best of Both Worlds

AFNORTH International School is a Dutch Foundation established around its innovative, ambitious, dynamic international community. Students, families and staff at AIS enjoy the ‘best of both worlds in that they gain a wonderfully rich and culturally diverse experience of living in an international environment yet under the safety and security of their own national system. AIS provides an education commensurate with the national requirements of its four founding nations – Canada , Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States with the expectation, as agreed by all four nations, to develop a mutual understanding of a shared school culture and norms, common courses, promote language learning and facilitate intercultural exchanges. At AIS we create aspirational thinkers, reflective learners and responsible participators through developing academic, personal and interpersonal qualities and capabilities.

Fostering Internationalism

The Directorate, with principals and their staff are together responsible for fostering the international ethos of the school and for respecting the educational requirements of each nation.
Our goal is to ensure that our students can be integrated in their own national school system after some years without any difficulty. This is a challenge which can only be realised successfully if everyone who is taking part in the educational process is working together irrespective of their nationality.
Another goal is to actively foster internationalism and to ensure that our students and the international community in Brunssum benefits from the advantages and manifold possibilities of international diversity. Learning is enhanced by sharing and working collaboratively with five other nations under the same roof and with high engagement from our parent communities and the support of our JFC HQ Brunssum Community and host country.

Living Our Values

‘Inspiring Respect, Resilience and the ability to Think and Act Inclusively in our international environment’ epitomises our AIS approach.  These core values have led to us collectively adopting six ‘Deep Learning Competencies’ better known as our 6 C’s. The 6 ‘C’s are a skill set every student needs to achieve and excel in order to flourish in today’s complex world. They will be embedded in the academic, social, and emotional aspects of student learning. Collaborative learning is a key driver to achieve our vision. As people learn from working together, greater clarity and shared purpose emerge.

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