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Bus Transportation Service
contact information phone / e-mail

Mr. & Mrs. Burgers

Landline: +31 455 278 228
Cellphone: +31 622 433 408
e-mail: BusCoordinator@afnorth-is.com

in case of an emergceny: +31 455 278 388

Bus Coordinator Information Flyer

Please download trifold document here

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Providing Busing

AFNORTH International School provides busing in a certain area within the Netherlands. If you don’t live in the Netherlands please get in contact with your national offices and ask about more information.

Note: Before registering for a Bus Route, you have to be registered at your National Section.

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Bus Procedures

Please click here for the School Bus Transportation Procedures.

How to register for a bus pass

The School Bus Office is on your left side ground floor as you enter by the main entrance of the school.

Students living in the Netherlands:

You will need to register with the Bus Office at AFNORTH International School.

This data is used not only for registration purposes but also in case of emergencies, such as breakdowns, accidents and/or incidents.

If you move your station/office, change your address or phone number, please notify your school registrar and the Bus Coordinator.

AFNORTH International School has a Bus Catchment Area within the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. It can be viewed in the Bus Office.

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Please print: Request Form for Bus Pass Home-School-Home +1 Additional Stop. Click here for the form

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Parents living in Kleine Brogel area:

Parents will now be requested to call Munckhof Regie (the planning section of the Munckhof group providing the mini buses) directly when children are not using the bus transportationdue to sickness or being absent.

Please click the following link for the letter from the assistant director.
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