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Mission and Philosophy
AFNORTH International School is really unique. We have children from more than 20 countries and we have educational experts from five different countries. This gives the school a special flavor and it is an asset we use and develop.

Our  vision is to ensure that our students can be reintegrated in their national school system after some years without problems. This is a challenge which can be only resolved successfully if everyone who is taking part in the educational process is working together irrespective of their nationality. Last mentioned point is assured through inspections by the different educational authorities. Contact the national offices for more specific information.

Another very important  goal is to foster internationalism and to try to ensure that our students and the international community in Brunssum benefits from the advantages and manifold possibilities of international diversity.

Board of Governors’ MISSION STATEMENT
AFNORTH International School is to provide an education commensurate with the national requirements of its four founding nations – Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

We shall enrich this educational experience through our school’s internationally integrated organisation, programmes that make use of the European setting, the multicultural and diverse nature of our student body and the support of our JFC Brunssum community.

AFNORTH International School provides an engaging curriculum that empowers all students to be life-long learners in a global society.

The vision of AFNORTH International School is to provide a supportive environment that embraces and celebrates diversity, promoting a culture of respect, in an evolving global community. Students will be empowered to set and achieve personal goals to include academic excellence through problem solving, decision making and critical thinking.

  • Responsible Citizens/Verantwortungsvolle Bürger/Citoyens responsables
  • Original Thinkers/Originelle Denker/Penseurs créatifs
  • Active Learners/Aktive Lerner/Apprenants actifs
  • Reflective Problem Solvers/Eigenständige Problemlöser/Personnes pouvant résoudre un problème de manière réfléchie.