Coronavirus Abstract

We hope you and your family are keeping well during these unprecedented times and that the creative distance learning material and routines staff have put in place across all nations is going well. We are fortunate to have an incredible group of talented individuals and teams at AIS and, with parental support at home, working together, our students will continue to thrive in their learning journey.

Please keep in touch with your National Sections if you have any queries or concerns at this present time and we ask that you report to your National Section if you or your family have been told you have the coronavirus, as this helps us to maintain accurate records.

Like many other organisations we adopted sensible precautionary measures for our AIS students, staff and community but we are highly aware that as hosts in the Netherlands and neighboring countries, we must also help to protect our wider communities and the following information is provided here so that we all can continue to adhere to recommended policy and practices applicable to our Host Nation.

Information in the Netherlands

The last few days have seen some developments in the Netherlands. The number of infected people continues to increase. Medical specialists expect the peak for the Netherlands to be in the next two weeks.

The Government is calling upon people to adhere to the following simple instructions:

  1. Stay away from other people if you do not need to meet them.
  2. You are allowed to go and do your necessary food shopping. But adhere to the 1.5-meter distance between you and others.
  3. Do not go to or organise gatherings. Stay home as much as possible.
  4. Do not hamster food. There is enough food available, only the distribution may take a bit longer than normal. Supermarket personnel, suppliers and logistical services are working overtime to enable all of us to be able to continue to go to the supermarkets.
  5. Wash your hands as advised.

At this moment the Dutch Government is still not in support of a total lock down however this position can only be maintained when all people follow the instructions above.

The hospitals in the Netherlands are prepared for the peak and are constantly tracking the developments. There are still areas in the Netherlands with minimal infected people. Brabant remains the most seriously affected. The numbers of infected people shared on a daily basis do not include those who have been declared ‘recovered’. The numbers are not shared as these cases are more difficult to trace. Some people have serious symptoms while others have minor to no symptoms.

The strategy of the Government is that of creating a growing group immunity which will also protect the most vulnerable in our society. In the meantime, more and more countries are restricting cross border travelling.

Please avoid cross border travelling. You may be stopped at the borders.

Reporting Instructions:

The following link provides the most up to date information available from the National Institute for Public
Health and the Environment (RIVM): It states:

Should you stay at home or call your GP?

Do you have symptoms of a cold, or a fever of up to 38.0 degrees Celsius?

  • If so, stay at home, allow the illness to run its course and make sure that you do not infect others. You should therefore distance yourself from other people. You do not need to call your GP. Your symptoms are mild.

Are your symptoms worsening?

  • Do you have a fever (more than 38 degrees Celsius) and are you coughing or having difficulty breathing?
  • If so, you should call your GP or the out-of-hours medical centre. Get in touch immediately if you are experiencing severe
  • GGD on 088 – 880-5070 or 088 – 880-5000

General Update

From Wednesday 18 March the school has been completely closed. Thursday 19 and Friday 20 March, the cleaning staff and the custodial staff have been working very hard to thoroughly clean the school. We would like to thank all of this team for their enormous commitment and willingness to work the extra hours in these last two days.

At the end of Friday 20 March, the school is thoroughly cleaned and will no longer be accessible until further notice. The MOD guards will remain present for security reasons.

Please continue to follow our website and twitter messages.

AIS Directorate

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