Coronavirus Abstract

The Dutch Government has announced that it will take further steps in a decision regarding the current restrictions by Tuesday 31 March 2020. In the meantime, the announcements as stated in the latest update (dated 24 March 2020) remain in order.

Current restrictions:

  1. NO gatherings anywhere. This means that three people together need to maintain the distance of 1.5 meters. If this is not adhered to, you are in violation of the guidelines.
  2. ALL public events will be cancelled until 1 June (NO Kings Day celebrations, NO 4/5 May ceremonies/celebrations etc.).
  3. STAY HOME and do not go out unless the need is urgent or an emergency. You are allowed to do your food shopping, however it is advised that you do this on your own. So, one person per family. Stores will be asked to implement a door policy which may mean one out, one in. The policy needs to be visible at the entrance and needs to be adhered to by all parties involved (shop owners and shoppers). Hairdressers and nail parlours are to be closed.
  4. Mayors are given the legal rights and tools through the local law enforcement regulations to close public venues, and to check on events which may have more than three people. They will be authorised to implement fines to those who are in violation of the rules above. For individuals these fines can be up to €400 and for businesses and companies up to €4000 per violation. An exception may be in place for funerals, church marriages and markets. Markets are considered part of the food supply chain. However here too, the number of participants is restricted and the distance between people needs to be adhered to and facilitated.
  5. People are advised not to welcome more than three guests/visitors into their private house. The strong message is to keep your distance.
  6. If one person in the family is sick or is showing minor symptoms of illness, the whole family stays inside.
  7. Schools: ALL schools remain closed for now until 6 April. The Government has stated that they will update with more information regarding the schools prior to 6 April.
  8. With regards to final exams, many Dutch schools are deciding to cancel the school exams for now. In the Netherlands, the final exams consist of two parts; school exams and state exams. The school exams are normally starting around this date, with state exams commencing in May. As of today, the Dutch state exams have been cancelled. Schools are allowed to administer school exams up until 1 June and will determine based on these results whether a student passes or fails.

AIS General Information

AIS Directorate would like to inform and remind you of the following:

  • To keep in touch with us and contact your National Section should your family be directly affected by the Corona Virus. This will help us to maintain accurate records.
  • From the moment the school premises has been closed (for students since 14 March and for staff on Wednesday 18 March) until today, we have not received negative or alarming feedback provided by the official National Health Authorities on any school population infected individuals, situations of individuals infecting others, or similar alarming situations. Be assured that should such incidents become known to AIS, the Directorate in cooperation with the National Sections, would immediately take appropriate action with the National Health Authorities involved and share what needs to be shared with our community. Our shared news will always be verified with the National Health Authorities prior to publication to make it accurate. Following this procedure, AIS prevents the flow of speculative news based on hearsay or non-specialist information.
  • The following link provides the most up to date information available from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Do you have symptoms of a cold, or a fever of up to 38.0 degrees Celsius?

  • If so, stay at home, allow the illness to run its course and make sure that you do not infect others. You should therefore distance yourself from other people. You do not need to call your GP. Your symptoms are mild.

Are your symptoms worsening?

  • Do you have a fever (more than 38 degrees Celsius) and are you coughing or having difficulty breathing?
  • If so, you should call your GP or the out-of-hours medical centre. Get in touch immediately if you are experiencing severe
  • GGD on 088 – 880-5070 or 088 – 880-5000

Keep safe and well

Please continue to follow our website and twitter messages.

AIS Directorate

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