Update 3: Board of Governors COVID-19 Update

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Following the Dutch Government announcements detailing further relaxing COVID-19 restrictions from 25 September, the Board of Governors has met. We are delighted to inform you of some of the changes that will come into effect in school from Monday 27 September.

It is worth noting that we move forward together with caution. The changes see a gradual relaxing of our protocols that have helped us to ensure the continued safety of our students and staff over uncertain times. The decision to relax some protocols has been taken with the health and safety of our diverse community in mind. Should the context change, and we have an increased level of positive cases within ten days, it may result in a return to some COVID-19 protocols being put back in place temporarily. Moving forward and working together to adhere to all AIS measures will be critically important and will support our joint efforts to keep AIS open for face-to-face learning this school year.

The following changes will come into effect in school from Monday 27 September:

  1. Facemasks will no longer be a requirement outside the school building.
  2. At grade-level, and within national sections, joint activities can take place. However, they will need to follow inside facemask protocols.
  3. Only those individuals identified by GGD / Public health authorities as close contacts will be required to self-isolate and follow quarantine instructions. The GGD/Public health authorities will be responsible for informing close contacts of positive cases. Students in classes and on the same bus will no longer be sent home as a precautionary measure unless determined by the health authorities.
  4. Student and staff group size for daily activities and meetings will be relaxed but will need to operate under mask-wearing, space restriction and social distancing recommendations.
  5. Special events and gatherings can proceed but are dependent on protocols being maintained and restrictions applied that include national and grade-level groups, mask-wearing, assessment of space, seating plans and restricted visitor protocols.
  6. The 1.5 social distancing is no longer mandatory however, we encourage everyone to consider each other and give additional space when desired.

We will continue to apply several of our measures currently in force:

  • We ask all parents and staff to continue to conduct the pre-screening protocol (Annex A).
  • Facemasks will be required on school transportation (Annex B).
  • Entering and exiting the building routines will be maintained (Annex C).
  • We ask everyone entering the buildings to disinfect their hands, put on a facemask, follow the walking routes, and maintain a social distance whenever possible.
  • Facemasks will continue to be worn in communal areas, corridors and classrooms where grade-levels mix. Inside classrooms, national requirements will continue to be followed (Annex D).
  • Regular handwashing and hygiene measures will continue to be reinforced (Annex D).
  • Self-testing will continue to be offered but is dependent on availability.
  • Suspect positive case and siblings will be asked to self-quarantine and get PCR tested (Annex F and G).
  • Restricted visitor protocol will remain in place and visits are on an essential basis only (Annex H).
  • Travel – we continue to follow host nation rules except ALL students, (irrespective of age) returning from a country where self-quarantine rules apply will be required to self-quarantine. (Annex D4 and D5).

The Board of Governors will continue to review the measures. We want to thank you for your continued patience and support in these challenging times.

AIS Board of Governors

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